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Swimming Curriculum

Perfect for all ages and skill levels, our expert instructors provide a supportive environment where participants can improve their technique, build confidence in the water


Basketball Curriculum

Elevate your game with Basketball Lessons at Leo Sports Academy! Our experienced coaches offer personalized training sessions that focus on teamwork, and game strategy.

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Life Coaching Curriculum

Unlock your child's potential with 'Life Coaching' at Leo Sports Academy! Our program empowers kids with essential life skills, boosting confidence, resilience, and personal growth.


Summer Camp

Dive into a world of fun-filled activities, sportsmanship, and learning. From exciting outdoor games to team-building exercises, our camp offers the perfect blend of adventure.


Spring Camp

Dive into a world of fun, fitness, and friendship as we offer a dynamic blend of sports, games, and outdoor activities. Whether it's honing your athletic skills or making new friends.


Winter Camp

Embrace the chill with a flurry of thrilling activities, from snow sports to cozy indoor games. With expert instructors and a vibrant atmosphere, it's the perfect blend of fun and learning.